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The last time I posted something here was more than 6 months ago.

Before I get too uptight about the stuff, before I get overwhelmed by emotions at work … I ought to really take a step back and look at how kind the world had been to me.

Here’s something that I had been viewing negatively…. Let’s look at it positively:
It doesn’t matter that the boss decides to inject personnel in now and then to do quick fix, it’s getting something fixed. I will learn to be thankful about it.


Growing stronger everyday

Life is a cycle by itself. The harmonics of ups and downs can be seen as an ever changing cycle.

Life is all about learning, analyzing, growing stronger with each set back.

I’ve learnt something new recently, and was really surprised why it only finally dawned on me now.

“Keep Calm, Accept It, and Move On”

Look past the downs, accept it, look forward to the ups. And when the ups come, treasure every minute of it.

thank you, dear God, Angels and Lucky Stars for lessons you’ve planned out for me.


These 2 weeks was just lots of working late into the evening. Just as it was difficult to settle, the train came and I boarded an empty cabin. Felt really thankful for that moment, that whatever had passed for the weekend would finally make me stronger — what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

It doesn’t matter that the peace and quiet in the empty cabin was just between 2 stations. That’s enough, thank you. #littlethingsthatcount #littlethingstothankfor


Family 惜福

Someone told me very recently that I need to be proactive in displaying the love for my parents. I do understand what he meant. I went back to look through those pictures we took back in Taiwan last year and thought through. I’ve to be really thankful for such understanding parents.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone, treasure your family members.


Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving

I never knew what it meant, never knew what was behind ‘Thanksgiving Day’.

I googled, and the trusty Wikipedia gave me an answer.

Whatever the history maybe, however poorly documented, here I am, saying thank you the people who made our country safe and prosperous. There are things which may not have been done to every one’s liking, I’m sure they have done their best.

Within the family and friends, I thank them for every little advise and encouragement. Wouldn’t have been what I am today, without every little tips. My prayers every night goes out to all of you.

Origami can brighten your day!

I feel really thankful to have colleagues whom I could call friends in the office. They never fail to make me feel happier when I’m down due to some work related matters.

I was looking a some videos on YouTube and I was suddenly reminded of the lousy days my friends and I had in office; whether its a rain of rants by our bosses, feeling of being short changed by some events, the unfairness standards and treatments to scholars/talents/farmers, etc… We used to comfort each other, and now, after watching these videos, I thought a combination of a octagon pot + a flower origami would be nice to brighten one’s day! Give them a little surprise by placing this little gift on their table while they are out for lunch! 

All you need is a medium sized square paper, small sized square paper and a pencil. Perhaps some extra papers/wires/cable ties if you would like a stalk to go with the flower.

The pot
The flower (lily)

Mist and Fog

Wei Chee had been feeling tired, having to wake up so early in the morning for morning shifts, and sleeping late at night to study and probably do some work.

I was quite happy last night, that he wasn’t snoring away after I came out from my shower (which is what he does 90% of the time), because there was no flying yesterday due to the fog. Hence, he was back very early yesterday, and managed to catch an afternoon nap!

These are the little things to be thankful for!